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Cold Storage Construction

Cold Storage & Construction

construct, renovate or expand

At Delta Refrigeration, our expertise goes beyond the science of cold storage to include an in–depth understanding of all related government and industry regulations that govern these areas. If you are looking to incorporate, expand or build a new temperature-controlled space, we can assist in determining which cold storage solutions is right for you.

Thanks to the qualifications and proficiency of our staff, we offer more than simple advice at Delta Refrigeration; we provide complete solutions that accommodate your operational objectives. Weather your needs include blast chilling, freezing or process rooms we provide more than easy answers, we partner with you to provide solutions that meet your operational objectives.

Our ability to reduce scope gaps between trades is one of many reasons why Delta Refrigeration is your one source contractor from pre-construction phase to occupancy. By coordinating engineering and construction, we can often solve potential conflict even before arriving on site.

Leaders in Refrigeration Installation & HVAC

Let our team design and build your cold storage.


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