Delta Refrigeration provides you with the services you need to start your project from engineering drawings and specifications to after-sale services that extend the life your Equipment. Services that includes design, installation, and aftermarket parts and scheduled maintenance programs.

Whether we are asked to improve a facility, increase equipment efficiency, reduce operating costs or audit a facility for government compliance, Delta Refrigeration has the knowledge and resources to implement the solution that best addresses your needs.

we are available 24hours a day and have access to most every major refrigeration supply house in southern california, our service trucks are stocked with many of the common items to get a refrigeration system back on line in the event of an emergency shutdown or failure.


Services Provided:

• Industrial Ammonia and Freon Systems

• Commercial Air Conditioning

• Produce Coolers & Pressure Coolers

• Banana rooms

• Compressor Rebuilding

• Process Cooling

• Blast Freezing / Cooling

• Cold Storage Facilities

• Distribution Warehouse's


• Dairies

• Ice Cream Facilities

• Meat & Fish Facilities

• Juice Processing Plants

• Bakeries

• Glycol and Chilled Water Systems

• Clean Room

• Production Rooms

• Regulatory Compliance

• Design and Build Refrigeration

• Building Automation

• Service and Maintenance Agreements

• Tower Cleaning

• Laser Alignment

• Vibration Analysis

• Oil Analysis


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